Scotty Cornfield:

Writer/Director/Police Technical Advisor



I’m a writer. I also direct--sometimes simultaneously.

My brand: I tap into thirty years of homicide and undercover experiences to tell stories about people with secrets.

After a brief 30-year detour for a career in law enforcement, I took up screenwriting. From DeAnza College (AKA: Hollywood North), I blew through the UCLA Professional Screenwriting Program and then the Pro Series of Screenwriting U.

Somewhere along the way, I became a filmmaker. I wrote, produced and directed award-winning short films, an in-house news magazine show and a documentary, “Children of Alcatraz” (insert shameless plug here about film being available on Amazon at

To date, I’ve written several feature scripts, a television pilot, numerous shorts, one-act plays, commercials and PSAs.


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On the set of my recent short “Make it go away,” now on the film festival circuit.

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